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Retro-post… to mark when I joined Ravelry

I joined ravelry on September 23, 2007. As I move my blog to wordpress (April 2012) I am looking back at how my knitting work has changed for the better, simply by joining up and sharing ideas and inspiration with all the great ravelers (& now friends).

So if you arrived at this post by searching on the “knitting” keyword look at how crappy the stuff that came before this point was compared to the work that came after.


(seed stitch edge? for a hat?)


(like, seriously…)

Thanks Ravelry. Truly.

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Design – Bell Sleeve Alpaca Sweater

I have a favorite wrap t-shirt that I copied to make this sweater, adding bell sleeves and bottom edging. I used a size 17 needle for the first 4 rows of the bottom, and 8 rows of the sleeves, and switched to a size 13 to knit the body of the piece. The yarn is GGH Savanah alpaca blend. I was under a deadline to finish it so I could return all the extra yarn I bought… I bought 20 skeins and only needed 10 and this yarn wasn’t cheap. I’ve got a store credit at The Yarn Co in NYC which I plan to use when I visit my cousin in June.

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Peg’s Noro Sweater

This is the lovely sweater and scarf my friend, Peg, just finished.

here’s her comments:
“In November, 2002, I visited a yarn shop in Camden, ME because I’d been thinking about taking up knitting. I walked out with 20 skiens of this Noro yarn and a pair of size 10 bamboo needles. The yarn was in a discontinued color and at half price ($5 a skien!) I first made the scarf on straight needles as a sort of learning-to-stitch sampler and then ripped it to make this 7ft. long scarf. I used #7 circular needles and 4 skiens of yarn. It took me over a year to finish the sweater. The pattern is a simple top-down, knitting in the round on size 6 and size 8 needles.. the yarn is a very forgiving one and a lot of fun to work. I gave away two skiens and still have three left.”