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Tea Time-Lord Cozy

This one has been in my queue for a while. I have always wanted to make a tea-cozy but didn’t want to do the regular one everyone expects to see. And I’ve always wanted to knit up the tardis chart by Penwiperbut didn’t want to have a stuffed plush around collecting dust.  It all came together when I found this white Denby teapot.












It knit up rather tall, even with edits to the orignal chart, but it worked out in the end because I can fit my square tea tin in the top to fill it out so it stands up right.












Yeah… luv it. 😉

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Mom Likes Blue and Asymmetry

Who likes taking photos of their knitting projects? I do! I do!

Thought my Mom would appreciate some hand-knit socks; blue is her favorite, and she was always a big fan of asymmetry… (is that weird?)

How’s this for a lesson in depth of field?

I don’t care that the table cloth is wrinkled… I like this photo.

Not much else to say … this pattern is Cookie A’s Rick from her book “Sock Innovation”.

Have a look at all the other version of this pattern at ravelry:

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Badminton Baktus

A KAL for the BSGFPB in May, the lovely and simple Baktus. I had some cotton sockotta yarn I bought ages ago that I never felt compelled to use for socks. After seeing all the work people do with sock yarns for scarves on I decided to join in on the knit-a-long with this stash buster. The pattern is available for free at flickr, where you can see many other versions with all kinds of yarns, and also look at ravelry.

I love it, it’s a nice, light scarf for the spring, summer, and fall. It’s low maintenance since I can throw it in the wash, the tassels won’t even fray. They are the “gossamer tassel” from the Vogue book, Knitting on the Edge.

my baktus scarf

EDIT: I lost this in the wind at Logan Airport. … such is life.

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Mini Mochi Akimbo

This may be my favorite project ever, I loved the yarn, I loved the simplicity of the pattern, and I couldn’t stop taking photos of it.

Here’s how it went down.

Taking a weekend away to drive up to New Hampshire, we stopped in Newburyport for a late breakfast. I pulled out my ‘yarn store finder’ app from the people and discovered I was 43 feet away from a yarn store, A Loom with a View.  Gotta buy something, it’s vacation, right? 43 feet? Hell ya.

So I came out with 2 skeins of Mini-mochi and one of a Madeline Tosh Sock yarn. I took these photos with my iPhone using the white bag they came in as a lightbox, I uploaded them to flickr right away.

In New Hampshire I surfed ravelry and found a lovely triangular shawl someone did with Mini-mochi and figured I’d skip socks this time and try my first shawl. Once I got back home I made my shawl decision, Stephen West‘s Akimbo shawl.  I worked with it as the Mini-mochi colors came, and decided I didn’t like it enough. Meh…

So I pulled it all out, down to a nub, and then considered speaking to a therapist.  I cut out all the blue after seeing that there was more orange and pink than blue after looking at the color cards.

Then I went to town on this, keeping the blue aside until I got to the contrasting colors. Eventually I realized I needed to order a 3rd Mini-mochi skein from the store in Newburyport to finish this project… but here’s how it came out. Love, love, love it.


I used this for my March project in the BSGFPB game we have going at ravelry. And it ended up winning me a hand dyed skein from Kesten. (!!) So awesome.

And so it goes…

But wait! There was part of a skein of Mini-mochi left over… what did I do with it you ask?
Introducing   Benny Fishiary

only a lil creepy
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Daggit Ate Crayons Socks

The yarn for these was dyed by Kaostling and sent to me as part of the Sock Blank Swap on ravelry. Kaostling noticed the Battlestar Galactica bent to my projects since everything I’ve worked on in the past year has been for the BSG Fleet Power Battle game on ravelry… so she named her dyed sock blank “What happens when you feed crayons to a daggit”. The challenge for the dyed sock blank  swap was to use the primary colors.

Since the resulting colorway was somewhat random I looked for a pattern that would have fun color pooling and found this “Rainbow Socks” design from Germany. It lent itself nicely to this yarn, and surfing around looking at other projects I noticed a lot of people are using it for animal stripes  . Fun pattern, the short rows ended up becoming a breeze. I did the pattern toe up, and played with making a differently worked heel. The beauty of these sock blanks is how you can come up with the same color pattern on both socks, the two socks match almost perfectly.

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Two Days for Gaeta

I knit up the sock blank that I dyed in 2009, using the middle red and blue one in this photo:

The clever thing with the sock blanks is that there’s two strands of yarn together so however the piece is dyed, both socks end up identical. I snipped the sock blank in the middle and wound it off into the two red halves and the two blue halves. Using the same concept that I used for these socks that I knit before using Noro, except I did leg down and not toe up, figuring the middle mushy red and blue part was more interesting than the plain red and blue stripes that develop as I worked through to the outer edges of the sock blanks, the parts with the more solid colors.

I knit five rows from the red side yarn and then five rows from the blue side yarm, all the way down the sock. Here’s the top part around the leg which came from the center of the sock blank, the idea being that the coloring is more subtle on the part of the sock that tends to show more often.

Working my way down the sock the colors become more pronounces as stripes. I used the blue part to work out the heel (there’s still some dashes of red in the the field of blue over the heel), and finished the toe with alternating one row blue/one row red. I have to say that this whole project was a blast… not only dying the sock blank, but working the yarn interleaved like this to have more fun with the color. Send a note if you’d like more information on this pattern. I don’t think writing it up as a pattern, per se, is worthwhile since the design is coming from the colorwork on a standard sock pattern. But I’d like to hear feedback if anyone else does this sort of thing. It’s over on ravelry as Two Days for Gaeta, done for the BSG FPB game over there. 😉  btw… I should be using a better camera than my iphone for these photos, huh?

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The Doc Cottle Afghan.

In the BSG FPB ravelry group, one amoung us has a husband going through cancer treatments, and I thought it would be a nice knit-a-long if everyone made a 12×12 square to include in an afghan. Well, I’m done putting it all together, and the blanket has made it’s way all the way to Alaska so I can post completed photos now.

Here are the progress photos.


These are the people that contributed squares:


And here’s the video at… the afghan recipients. This link disappears now and then, if this link breaks just search up “love in space” & “” and you should be able to see it.