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2013 November 10 CSO Ad

Dusting off my graphic design skills, the first Cambridge Symphony Orchestra work for the season is an ad for our first concert that will be used in programs and other small media.

Our program for this November show focuses on the music of World War II, and I hope this reflects in the design. Many propaganda posters of the time had color bands across the top and bottom framing a black and white image in the center. This image is a macro I shot of my own violin, and I brought the colors back to a drastic outline to work in greytones.


Another thing I consider, if silly, is matching the logo of our benefactors when they are incorporated into the posters. So blue it is.

Come see us play on this Sunday in November. The guest violinist, Irina Muresanu, is a wonder in her own right.  We will be in Somerville at the Center for the Arts at the Armory.


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