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Mini Mochi Akimbo

This may be my favorite project ever, I loved the yarn, I loved the simplicity of the pattern, and I couldn’t stop taking photos of it.

Here’s how it went down.

Taking a weekend away to drive up to New Hampshire, we stopped in Newburyport for a late breakfast. I pulled out my ‘yarn store finder’ app from the people and discovered I was 43 feet away from a yarn store, A Loom with a View.  Gotta buy something, it’s vacation, right? 43 feet? Hell ya.

So I came out with 2 skeins of Mini-mochi and one of a Madeline Tosh Sock yarn. I took these photos with my iPhone using the white bag they came in as a lightbox, I uploaded them to flickr right away.

In New Hampshire I surfed ravelry and found a lovely triangular shawl someone did with Mini-mochi and figured I’d skip socks this time and try my first shawl. Once I got back home I made my shawl decision, Stephen West‘s Akimbo shawl.  I worked with it as the Mini-mochi colors came, and decided I didn’t like it enough. Meh…

So I pulled it all out, down to a nub, and then considered speaking to a therapist.  I cut out all the blue after seeing that there was more orange and pink than blue after looking at the color cards.

Then I went to town on this, keeping the blue aside until I got to the contrasting colors. Eventually I realized I needed to order a 3rd Mini-mochi skein from the store in Newburyport to finish this project… but here’s how it came out. Love, love, love it.


I used this for my March project in the BSGFPB game we have going at ravelry. And it ended up winning me a hand dyed skein from Kesten. (!!) So awesome.

And so it goes…

But wait! There was part of a skein of Mini-mochi left over… what did I do with it you ask?
Introducing   Benny Fishiary

only a lil creepy
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