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Daggit Ate Crayons Socks

The yarn for these was dyed by Kaostling and sent to me as part of the Sock Blank Swap on ravelry. Kaostling noticed the Battlestar Galactica bent to my projects since everything I’ve worked on in the past year has been for the BSG Fleet Power Battle game on ravelry… so she named her dyed sock blank “What happens when you feed crayons to a daggit”. The challenge for the dyed sock blank  swap was to use the primary colors.

Since the resulting colorway was somewhat random I looked for a pattern that would have fun color pooling and found this “Rainbow Socks” design from Germany. It lent itself nicely to this yarn, and surfing around looking at other projects I noticed a lot of people are using it for animal stripes  . Fun pattern, the short rows ended up becoming a breeze. I did the pattern toe up, and played with making a differently worked heel. The beauty of these sock blanks is how you can come up with the same color pattern on both socks, the two socks match almost perfectly.

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