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Two Days for Gaeta

I knit up the sock blank that I dyed in 2009, using the middle red and blue one in this photo:

The clever thing with the sock blanks is that there’s two strands of yarn together so however the piece is dyed, both socks end up identical. I snipped the sock blank in the middle and wound it off into the two red halves and the two blue halves. Using the same concept that I used for these socks that I knit before using Noro, except I did leg down and not toe up, figuring the middle mushy red and blue part was more interesting than the plain red and blue stripes that develop as I worked through to the outer edges of the sock blanks, the parts with the more solid colors.

I knit five rows from the red side yarn and then five rows from the blue side yarm, all the way down the sock. Here’s the top part around the leg which came from the center of the sock blank, the idea being that the coloring is more subtle on the part of the sock that tends to show more often.

Working my way down the sock the colors become more pronounces as stripes. I used the blue part to work out the heel (there’s still some dashes of red in the the field of blue over the heel), and finished the toe with alternating one row blue/one row red. I have to say that this whole project was a blast… not only dying the sock blank, but working the yarn interleaved like this to have more fun with the color. Send a note if you’d like more information on this pattern. I don’t think writing it up as a pattern, per se, is worthwhile since the design is coming from the colorwork on a standard sock pattern. But I’d like to hear feedback if anyone else does this sort of thing. It’s over on ravelry as Two Days for Gaeta, done for the BSG FPB game over there. 😉  btw… I should be using a better camera than my iphone for these photos, huh?

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