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Dying Sock Blanks

Never done a swap before, never dyed yarn before… why not combine the two?

I found this dyed sock blank swap group at and jumped in, bought three sock blanks from knitpicks, with the jaquard dye, and had at it one weekend, doing all three blanks at once. Knit picks put together a nice video that they have up onYou Tube to learn how to do it. Realizing I needed more paraphenalia, squeeze bottles for the dye, gloves, a big pot for steaming that will become unsuitable for food after using it for this process… plastic wrap, good ventilation… I pulled out a big piece of scrap wood I use as my can-crap-it-up craft surface… I pulled out a paint tarp after look at my white kitchen. What a process… I had no idea, and I totally get why people use studio space for this sorta project now.

Well, here ya go, my finished yarn blanks.

I did the “eye of jupiter” one first, the one I ultimately sent to my swap recipient. The BSG game people at ravelry have done a ton of “eye of jupiter” motifs, so I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon… realized it ended up looking like the poppy on the Alarm cd back from the 80s, which I also painted on a denim jacket back then. It’s like… I keep painting this motif over and over again, and I don’t know why… wonder if it indicates anything.

I did the bottom one next, I did stripes across and a stripe all the way down (which doesn’t show in this photo), just to get an idea of how the sock blank distributes as you knit it into a sock.

The middle one, I did with the intent of knitting up like my Tori’s Toastie Airlock Socks. Where rows are done starting at both ends of the yarn, so it’ll be red and blue stripes, with it kinda munging together when I get to the end, which will end up being the middle of that sock blank… My big question would be if I do the more pronouncing striping at the toe of the sock? or up around the calf? and do I do equal sized stripes or do I increase as I go? That’s the fun of these blanks tho, it lets you plan and have fun with it.

I also received my sock blank in the swap already… which I thought was nicely done by ‘kaostling’ from ravelry.

I’m mulling over using the Rainbow Socks pattern , , for these, since that pattern is also something I’d like to try.

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