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Caprica 6 Bag for the BSG FPB game

I never felted (fulled) anything before, so I jumped in feet first and did a big complicated color swapping bag for the Battlestar Galactica Fleet Power Battle at
I started in the beginning of July and have worked on it for two rounds of the game. Here’s the progress in photos…



So, hopefully this weekend I’ll get the strap done and toss it in the washer to shrink it. It’s been a lot of work… really hoping the washer doesn’t chew this up and spit it out.

The chart I used to do the basestars, and two others I threw together ‘cuz it might be helpful for someone else are here. I love the idea that the basestars make a nice geometric pattern all lined up like that, I’d like to see what other people might do with it.

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