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Tori’s Toastie Airlock Socks

Keeping your feet toaster warm while you’re airlocking your colleagues.

The beginning of my first project for the BSG FPB game at

I’m using the colorway starting from both ends. To do this I wound the yarn, finding two repetitions of the colorway and winding into 2 balls of yarn. And then turning each of those balls of yarn into two more, starting at end, and starting at the beginning, to make the color stripes go up and down the sock.

Knitting in the round, for the FTL challenge. First time I’ve used Noro.



2 thoughts on “Tori’s Toastie Airlock Socks

  1. […] middle one, I did with the intent of knitting up like my Tori’s Toastie Airlock Socks. Where rows are done starting at both ends of the yarn, so it’ll be red and blue stripes, […]

  2. […] it off into the two red halves and the two blue halves. Using the same concept that I used for these socks that I knit before using Noro, except I did leg down and not toe up, figuring the middle mushy red and blue part was more […]

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