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Peg’s Noro Sweater

This is the lovely sweater and scarf my friend, Peg, just finished.

here’s her comments:
“In November, 2002, I visited a yarn shop in Camden, ME because I’d been thinking about taking up knitting. I walked out with 20 skiens of this Noro yarn and a pair of size 10 bamboo needles. The yarn was in a discontinued color and at half price ($5 a skien!) I first made the scarf on straight needles as a sort of learning-to-stitch sampler and then ripped it to make this 7ft. long scarf. I used #7 circular needles and 4 skiens of yarn. It took me over a year to finish the sweater. The pattern is a simple top-down, knitting in the round on size 6 and size 8 needles.. the yarn is a very forgiving one and a lot of fun to work. I gave away two skiens and still have three left.”


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